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Eight Unique Laser Engraving Gift Ideas For New Year

It's our favorite season of the year. Snowfall, the smell of baked cookies, and smiles everywhere. Everyone is in their blankets, sipping on hot coffee and spending some quality time with their families.


On top of that, everyone is discussing the presents they bought and are excited to exchange them.



There are chances that maybe you forgot to purchase gifts, have not yet decided what to gift. Or maybe you just wish to give something unique and personalized; not the mass-produced market gifts.


Due to the holiday season, the stores might have run out of quality gifts too because of which now you are facing difficulty in searching for a perfect holiday gift for your family members.


Don’t worry. You can also go for an innovative solution like gifting laser-engraved products.


Laser engraving is a booming industry and laser-engraved products provide that personalized touch to gifts.


And with the improved precision in laser-engraving machines having the right Amada spare parts, you can get as creative as you wish to be. So, if you are thinking of gifting a personalized laser-engraved gift to your loved ones, then here are some ideas for you.


1. Cutting Boards


You can pick the cutting board of your choice and engrave it with some design patterns or name of the person you want to gift. You can choose the cutting board of any size or shape, you can easily engrave them according to your choice.


2. Leather Dog Collar


Do you have someone in the family who just loves their dog? Then an engraved leather dog collar can be a special gift for them. You might be aware that for pet lovers their pet holds a special place in their life. Hence, this can be a gift for any of your cousins or aunt who is a pet lover.


Now, leather is not an easy material to engrave on, so make sure you are hiring a laser engraver with at least 2-3 years of experience and has a machine equipped with Amada spare parts.


3. Tea Coasters


If nothing, then the engraved tea coasters will definitely come to your rescue. You can gift some beautifully engraved tea coasters to your aunts. You can engrave words like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, etc. on the coaster to add some festive feeling.


4. Phone Cases


A phone is something people always carry with them. You can gift a phone case to anyone in the family. Be it your siblings, cousins, or any of your distant relatives. These customized gifts will remind them about you every time they look at their phone with the phone cover you gave them. A memory of yours that they will cherish.


5. Customized Sports Items


We all have one extremely hyped sports enthusiast in our family. Don’t we? So, for that hyped-up family member, you can gift them with engraved sports equipment like an engraved football, volleyball, hockey stick, baseball bat, etc. depending on their favorite sports.


6. Laser Cut Earrings


If you have to pick a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, or even your grandmother, then a unique handmade laser-engraved earring is what you want. You can get them in any material you want; wood, oxidized metal, platinum, and such.


7. Music Instruments


Giving an engraved musical instrument to the music lover in your family can be the perfect gift. If they play an instrument, then your gift will be a special memory for them which they will cherish forever. We all know how musicians have a special bonding with their instruments.


8. Laser Engraved Keychain Holder


The keychain holder is one of the basic things we all use in our day-to-day lives. It is an ideal family gift. You can ask the store owner to engrave the initials of the family or a person you want to gift.


You can also get some other things engraved that they might like or things which remind them of you.


Laser Engraving Machines


It’d be foolish for you to invest in a laser engraving machine just so you could make some personalized laser-engraved gifts for the holiday season. Here, an economical choice would be to reach out to a laser engraver who is experienced in the field. They will get the quality work done at low costs.


Things to take care of before hiring a laser engraver:


  • Make sure they have enough laser engraving machine as you don’t want to give a badly engraved gift to your loved ones.
  • The laser engraver is using quality parts and spare parts like Amada press brake and Amada spare parts. If you have a friend who does the laser engraving, then you can suggest them to look for Amada press brake for sale online for great deals on quality parts.


Final words:


There’s still time left to get the best gift for your loved ones. It only requires you to get a little creative, find the right engraver, and that’s it! You’ll have the perfect gift in no time and will be everyone’s favorite gifter.