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An Insight into Laser Engraving Bricks

Bricks are probably the oldest building blocks humans invented. The first bricks date back to 800 BC when Palestinians would dry clay mud in the sun to make simple bricks. Since then, bricks have been an important part of the construction industry.


Brick marking methods have been in use for years. What makes bricks a popular choice for fundraising or donor campaigns is their durability. Though traditional methods like sandblasting and pantographing are still in use, laser engraving is the latest and most promising.




How to Start with Laser Engraving Bricks


The very first requirement for laser engraving bricks is a brick engraving machine. The brick engraving machine you choose should be reliable.


A good engraving machine will help you save time, eliminate additional costs and make long-lasting fundraising bricks.


When you buy a brick engraving machine, you must consider these points in mind.


1. Power Before choosing a brick engraving laser machine, make sure that it is a CO2 laser. Also, ensure that it is of at least 80-watt power. Though you can engrave bricks with a lower power laser machine, it will take more attempts to get the look you desire.


2. Size You should choose a bigger size engraving machine with a large bed. This will facilitate the engraving of multiple bricks in one go. And it will escalate productivity.


3. Experience Ensure that the company you have chosen to buy the laser machine has experience with brick engraving.


4. No Additional Costs Make sure that your laser machine comes with all the accessories and software you need to start brick-engraving. Minimizing additional costs is what you should focus on.


5. Warranty and Support Ask everything about the warranty period, support and other facilities you’ll get post the purchase. It is better to know everything beforehand rather than facing issues later.


6. Proper Maintenance Once you buy a laser machine, it is important to maintain it properly. Take care of accessories that wear out. And replace them to reduce losses. Even after the warranty period gets over, never compromise with the quality of spare parts. Always use good quality spare parts FANUC parts, Mazak spare parts, or any other good company’s spare parts.


How Can You Earn Huge Profits with Laser Engraved Bricks?


Earning huge profits by laser engraving bricks is simple. Many different places like hospitals, memorials, zoos, universities, etc. need brick engraving for various purposes. For instance, schools sometimes may require laser engraving for alumni recognition, displaying school pride through engraving a mascot or other custom artwork. Also, schools can make pathways, patios, and gardens, etc. with laser engraved bricks.


Even one or two orders for a walkway or garden can bring in great income in a shorter span. This way, you are sure to earn huge profits with brick engraving technology.


Advantages of Brick Engraving


1.  A Simpler and Faster Process Brick Engraving with laser is much simpler than traditional brick marking methods of pantographing and sandblasting. All you need to do is create a design of your choice and push start after sending it to the laser. Further, it is possible to engrave multiple bricks simultaneously, thus making it a faster process.


2. Eco-Friendly and More Stable Unlike sandblasting and pantographing, laser engraving doesn’t require epoxies, chemicals or fillers. Hence, it is eco-friendlier. Further, sandblasting uses fillers to fill the areas that get chipped away during the process. However, these areas under constant sunlight, harsh weather conditions, or acid rain cause bricks to deteriorate. And even if you avoid fillers in sandblasting, moisture will go down deep into the bricks and break them down.


3. Integrity Remains Intact While some brick areas get chipped away during sandblasting and pantographing, it doesn’t happen during laser engraving. Their structural integrity remains intact. And they are stronger and durable throughout.


4. Low Maintenance Once set up, laser engraving machines require low maintenance. And good quality spare and replacement parts like Mazak spare parts, Fanuc parts, or spare parts from any other good company are easily available.


Summing Up Thus, you see that brick engraving is an easy source of huge income and profits. All you need is to select a suitable brick engraving laser machine for your job. And maintain it with proper measures and good quality spare parts like FANUC parts and Mazak spare parts, etc.