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6 Laser Engraving Projects to Get a Business Started

The holiday season is almost around the corner and if you have just started your brand-new business of laser engraving or cutting then this article is just for you. 

You might be confused about where to start and what to customize? 

Don’t worry, we are here to your rescue.


But before diving deep into how to start and what to customize allow me to tell you that starting a laser engraving or cutting is the best decision you ever made. Laser cutting or engraving business is always growing and be in fashion. You are starting a business and hence you would definitely be knowing the power of customized and personalized gifts. 

Personalized gifts always make one feel special. People prefer to gift their loved ones something that makes them feel special. No matter during normal days or magical holiday season.


Rest assured, here in this article I have covered all the necessary things you must do as a beginner to grow this business during the holiday season. 


  • What materials will you use?
  • What will you make with a laser cutting machine?
  • Which laser parts to use? Should you go for Amada parts or Mitsubishi replacement parts?
  • Am I ready to start a business or not?


These are the obvious questions anyone will ask while starting a laser cutting or engraving machine.


Well, now is the time to stop thinking about all these things and unleash the creativity and imagination of yours. Starting is always tough. But that’s ok as one needs to start somewhere. Everyone is a beginner before they start.


So, let’s start and look at the six amazing and easy designs you can create and start with your laser cutting business.


  • State Cut Out Model:


People love to show their love for their hometown. Be it engraving the map of their hometown, city or state. As a beginner, it is perfect for you to cut the wooden pieces in different states of your country. They are very easy to sell and customers would love to buy them


  • Customized Bookmark:


For any bookworm, a bookmark is their treasure. It is very easy to create bookmarks using different materials and engrave them with customized quotes, names or artwork. It is very easy to create customized bookmarks for all bookworms. They are very easy to sell and are perfect for you as a beginner.


  • Insulated Tumblers: 


Stainless steel tumblers are in fashion. They are very easy to sell. And adding customized engraving on them is like a cherry on the cake. It is very easy to design them. This is the perfect project for you as a beginner as it also teaches you to work with the rotary device.


  • Home Board:


Engraving or Cutting on the slate is quite effortless as it’s one of the easiest materials to engrave. Personalizing home boards makes it extremely special for your customers. They are easy to create and you can also add your customer’s requirements. They are perfect housewarming gifts, home decor or pet memorials.


Oh yes! You heard it right.


You can create pet memorials and try to pitch it to pet lovers. When it comes to engraving on slate boards there are a lot of things you can create. Also, make sure you are using quality replacement parts like Mitsubishi replacement parts in case there’s any wear and tear in your laser machine. Try to brainstorm and curate your designs.


  • Granite Engraving:


Granite is an easy material to engrave on. It is known for its polished surface and endurance and is also useful in many different industries. Granites are the first choice when it comes to creating memorials. Using the laser machines, you can engrave the granite with proper depth and clarity creating high-quality designs. You can customize granite with names, quotes, wishes, etc. and offer it to your customers. 


  • Glasses:


Lastly, glasses! Using customized glasses or mugs always stays in fashion. It’s quite effortless to sell these custom glasses as who won’t like to have their morning coffee in a customized mug to their taste? Or imagine your customer gifting these customized glasses to their loved ones or it can also help to boost your brand-new business. 


Final word:


Starting a new laser engraving or cutting business is not too difficult when you have a guide on how to start and which projects to work on. You can easily customize different materials by using laser engraving and cutting machines with the right parts like Amada parts. Or in case you look for replacement parts, go for Mitsubishi replacement parts. Your creativity will become your USP in this business. There is no limit when it comes to creativity. Hence, use it to the fullest and it will help you expand your business with a growing customer base.