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6 Useful Tips Before Buying a Press Brake Machine

Is your current press brake machine becoming a headache for you? Or are you thinking of starting a business with a press brake? To find one you can try searching “Amada press brake for sale” online and would come across several options to choose from.


If above mentioned are some of the factors stopping you from buying the machine then this article is a must read for you.

Before going into details of press brake machines’ features, let’s have a look at their major types:


1. Hydraulic Press Brake:


They are easy to use and designed to work with heavy materials. If you are working with such materials then this is a must have. They are cost-effective and suitable if your material does not require high accuracy of bending. If you already have such a press brake then make sure they are tended well and there is no sign of wear and tear. In case you find that your press brake needs any replacement parts, then go for Mitsubishi replacement parts.


2. Electric Press Brake:


If you bend metals with high accuracy or your shop is manufacturing expensive materials, then it's a great investment for your shop.


Now, let's talk about the features you must consider while purchasing any press brakes:


1. Tooling:


It’s extremely important to identify the type of tooling you require. Now, that depends on the type of materials your shop work with. You also need to be careful about bending limit.


Additionally, if you are planning to buy new tools and use them with the existing press brake then make sure, they both are compatible.


There are two types of tooling:


Conventional tooling: Here the accuracy should be +/- 0.001 inch-per-foot. It should not exceed +/- 0.005.

Precision ground tooling: It’s accuracy must be +/- 0.0004 inch-per-foot and should not exceed +/- 0.002.


2. Accuracy:


When it comes to bending, accuracy is the most crucial factor. You need to undertake the angular accuracy of press brake into consideration. If the angular accuracy is not up to the point, then it might result in some loss. You need to find out how precise the press should be and based on that you will know the amount of angular accuracy it must have.


3. Tonnage:


Specifications are must have when buying and the same goes with press brakes. Also, you can select a suitable press brake for you by searching “Amada press brake for sale” online. Your aim while considering tonnage should be buying the one with the shortest and lowest tonnage which complies with the specifications.


The tonnage of machine depends on the type of material you use. If you are using 16-gauge mild steel with 10 feet of length or less than it, then you need only 50 tons of machine. But, if you are working with a higher amount of bottom work, then you might need 150 tons of air binding.


4. Deflection Limits:


Press brakes have deflection limits. The bigger the machine more the deflection it has. Whereas, smaller machines have less deflection comparatively. Hence, while purchasing you need to consider the deflection ratio depending on the type of material you are using.


5. Work with Experienced Suppliers:


It is important to work with a specialized supplier because it becomes easier to understand the products. They provide value-added services to you whenever needed. They will also be able to fulfill your requirements. They will provide you with technical support, address your issues and will help you to solve them as well.


6. Types of The Material:


The type of machine you need depends on the thickness of the material you use. For example, if you want to bend the stainless steel then bending force will increase by about 50 percent. But if you are using the soft aluminum then your binding force will decrease by 50 percent.


7. Flange Width:


Last but not least, it is important to consider flange before purchasing. If you do not have properly measured flange for, it might increase your cost and time to make wider parts. Also, to produce quality wider parts implementing Mitsubishi replacement parts can benefit you with more efficiency. Many of the fabricators while purchasing forget to consider Flange Width of the machine.


Wrapping up…


You must consider the above-mentioned points while purchasing a press brake machine. Oh yes, don’t forget the most important factor- bending accuracy. Because it defines at what angle the material will bend and how accurate it will be. If you are looking for the replacement parts you can consider Mitsubishi replacement parts as they fulfill the needs and are easily available to you.