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Dual Source Laser Machines: Does your Business Need one?

Lately, there has been a huge rise in the number of dual-source laser machines. These machines can deliver better results in less time. The main reason is the demand in the market and the ease these machines provide. With such a laser system, you can have more options in one machine. You can choose a suitable laser source for your requirements.


If you are a novice in the laser cutter world, let me give you a brief on this. The dual-source system includes both CO2 and fiber laser sources in a single system. The CO2 laser has a versatile frequency that works well with wood, plastic, glass, marble, and more. But for engraving, you cannot rely on them. That’s when fiber lasers come in the picture. Now when you have a dual-source laser machine, you can switch out between these two sources according to the use and application. These machines are durable if used with the right parts like Amada parts or Trumpf replacement parts. The key is to invest in the right things.


The major benefit you get from this dual laser source is the versatility of the system. But is it really suitable for your business? Do you actually need one?



Let’s find out.


Are you using/planning only one source?


Based on your needs, you might use fiber laser less often than CO2. But there has been a surge in the applications of these fiber lasers and you will find yourself using these lasers more & more in the near future. Hence, having a dual source laser in place can prepare you for the future and you can add additional material processing capabilities. You can do all this without having to invest in the second machine.


However, it is important to remember that with the dual-source, you can use one type of laser source at a time. If you wish to use both simultaneously, then a dual-source laser machine is not the right choice for you. In such cases, opting for the systems separately would be a better option. You can make use of your single-use machines to the fullest too by using Amada parts & Trumpf replacement parts.


What’s your work area look like?


When you have limited floor space, a dual system makes perfect sense for you. It can be an appealing option having a system that can produce results of both CO2 and Fiber laser without expanding your physical workspace. Hence, if you have space for only one machine, a dual system would maximize the capabilities of your machinery.


What is the nature of your products?


After these factors, it is important to consider if the products you work on contain dual material. For example, does it contain plastic and steel? Or metal and leather together? In such cases, a dual-source can be the perfect choice for your application. With a dual system, you can engrave using both the CO2 and fiber laser in a single job.




Has the Best Features


When it comes to dual source laser machines, it allows you to process a variety of materials in a single operation. For example, the CO2 laser course is best for engraving, cutting plastics, wood, rubber, leather and other materials. And the fiber laser is correct for marking metals and staining plastics. You get a blend of these features in dual-source laser machines which makes it a perfect combo for your business.


Fewer Laser Jobs with High Output


Depending on your material, you can get your job done easily using a dual-source laser without manually changing laser tube, lens or focus. In such machines, you can easily assign sources to the associated software with just a touch and get the job done. You can do each of the laser applications, annealing marking, metal engraving, etc. in no time. It saves a lot of time providing you more flexibility to help you grow business.


Before investing in such a machine, it is important to describe your requirements. Decide if your system needs such a type of laser system or not. When you go into the purchasing process, ask the right questions to yourself and make sure you are prepared to make an informed decision.