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Why Laser Engraved Rubber Stamps Are the Best

For any type of business, identity is a mandatory thing. It makes a business unique and more visible to its users. Just like your logo, packaging, uniforms, you need a unique stamp for the manual work which represents your business. 


What’s wrong with regular stamps?


If you are using regular stamps, there is always a threat of other people replicating the stamps and your identity. So, having a unique stamp always goes a long way. When it comes to creating personalized stamps for your business, laser engraving machines can do wonders. The laser engraving machine creates a high-resolution stamp and makes it hard to replicate your identity. You can have a micro-sized inner signature to make copying even harder for others. Plus, it will look good and leaves a good impression on your colleagues.


Why Laser Technology for Stamps?


Stamps are for the public identity. Hence, they must be high resolution. With laser cutting technology, you can cut rubber with a precise resolution and finish. Even if you are okay with low-resolution stamps, it might take a long time and effort to finish the job. Plus the lasers containing Mitsubishi machine parts or Amada spare parts will last longer and save a lot of your money.


The Benefits You Get with Laser Cutting Machine


A Neat and Clean Impression


If you are pitching your business to potential partners, they always look for the details that make your business look like its one step ahead of you. When you use laser technology, it helps you leave a great impression. These small things would make a big difference. Having a laser which has Mitsubishi machine parts or Amada spare parts can give help you neater finish to the logo.


Increase Efficiency


When you have a laser cutting machine in place, it becomes easy to try different things. You can always revise your work in no time and manufacture more products according to your convenience & requirement. This way it helps you increase your efficiency.



Competitive Advantages


When it comes to laser cutting, it has set a benchmark in the industry for some time now. It is cost-effective as if you are producing products on your own time & have no other costs to bear. When you have other cutting methods, you will have to calculate every single millimeter offset in the large design stage for the better cutting stages. It might lead you to messy and frustrating situations. But laser technology is not only better in cutting, but it is cost-effective, easiest and adjustable.


Saves Time


With this machine in your ownership, it becomes easier for you to create art. The rubber-stamp process is as easy as printing a picture from your regular office printer. These machines save a lot of time in cutting and engraving rubber stamps.


Reduces Production Times


You can automate laser cutting technology for producing a large number of stamps. It helps you get your job done much faster. As with the laser machine, you will never need to work for an extra hour.


Steps to Create Your Own Stamp with Laser Engraving


Step 1: Gather the Materials


  • Laser rubber sheet
  • Wood for mounting
  • Glue
  • Laser engraver


Step 2: Design


Draw a rough idea for an idea about how your stamp would look. If you scan it, make sure that it is a high resolution; around 600DPI.


Step 3: Engraving Preparations


  • Export your art into Corel draw.
  • Once you have an image, draw a “hairline” box around the art.
  • Choose your engraving type “stamp’ and enter dimensions.
  • Select the engraving effects. Majorly there are two options: Mirror and Fence.
  • Use a sharp blade with a straight edge.


Step 4: Start Engraving


  • Position your rubber in the laser cutter.
  • Focus the machine and turn on the fab.
  • Wash your rubber with soap and water.


And ready!




Laser engraving technology is the fastest growing technology. If you are running a design company/agency, you will definitely need this technology as the world is changing and nobody would want to pay high rates for small productions to the production companies.