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Should Manufacturers Consider Buying Laser Cutter?

What do you do when you need a promotional logo for an event in under two weeks. You must be paying high rush rates and hefty shipping charges to a promo company. But how about firing up your own laser and make 100 pieces quickly? Isn’t the second option more convenient? Now, you must be thinking about costing.


Back in the day, most small to medium-sized businesses outsourced laser engraving. With the largely spread development in technology in the market, it removed the economic barrier for the in-house capabilities of laser engraving and cutting.


Laser cutting and engraving is making a buzz in the market for many reasons. With the increasing volume of outsourcing, there comes a point when the monthly spend on custom laser services is not cost-effective.


Sometimes it can stretch your production schedule and can lead to delays. If you are a manufacturer then installing laser equipment having Amada replacement parts or Trumpf spare parts in your own factory can be a cost-friendly option. You won’t be having any delivery time pressure. Plus, whenever you have to satisfy unpredictable customer demands, you can minimize the cost by taking control of laser cutting and having those resources on-premise.


When there is a development in the technology, there are many features available in large-scale cutting and engraving machines you can find on smaller desktop models. Today’s laser cutters provide speed, productivity, and efficiency for improved output and reduced scrap rates. Due to constant improvement in design and manufacturing process, there are systems which became more durable and requires less maintenance than the older models.


Major Benefits of having an in-house laser cutter:


  • The laser marking process produces a crisp, detailed design which allows you to engrave images up to 1000-1200 dots per inch.
  • It also provides an extremely fast way to customize products. You can easily engrave multiple pieces at once.
  • This makes it easier for a laser system allowing users to create a quick jig to hold items in place and engrave as many pieces as per the area capacity in the laser’s work area.

While there might be some manufacturers concerned about the availability of in-house expertise to develop a particular laser job configurations and engineering. Bringing an in-house laser system allows manufacturers to brand their own promotional products. They can craft their own clothing, laptops, mobile phones, and so on. They can also design their own internal/external signage and other products as employee recognition products. Engraving custom graphics on MP3 players, iPods, iPads, and cell phones is an incredibly popular application which helps deter theft.


Hence, the next time when you are facing such deadlines to customize your products, having your in-house laser cutting systems having Amada replacement parts or Trumpf spare parts could help you deliver results on time.



Some of the useful tips to help you before you place your first order:


Material: Make sure that the materials you use involve steel tubes. Also, if your materials contain high reflective metals, aluminum, red copper, etc. then choose a laser cutter which is suitable for processing of such metals.


Size: It is key to the fiber laser cutting selection. Be careful while taking a measurement on them and decide the size of the work table.


Thickness: To achieve cutting effect with efficiency, it is important to consider the thickness of materials with the wattage of fiber laser cutting machine. Plus, it will help you choose the most effective solution.


The Finance Factor


While some manufacturers pay cash for a laser, the majority of them would use the finance method. Other than the bank sources you have OEM with their own financing plans. Also, make sure you are not compromising on quality while investing in the laser cutter to save money. Higher quality parts like Amada replacement parts will not only increase the lifecycle of the cutter but will also need lesser maintenance. 


But in order to get full services, you need to get a successful delivery and installation. Decide what type of foundation you will require. After that, it is important for a laser cutting machine to be in the right place with a facility away from harsh environmental areas. Also, make sure that you choose an efficient flow of laser-cut banks to downstream manufacturing process.