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Alternative Parts Inc. is the manufacturer and distributor of replacement parts for Amada Machinery and laser parts of leading brands like Amada Parts,Trumpf, Mazak, Bystronic, Prima Power, LVD Strippit, Mitsubishi, Cincinnati and Fanuc.

Heavy machinery where parts including Fanuc parts or Prima parts are present, constant maintenance is important for longer shelf life. Poorly managed equipment might perform less efficiently. Here is how you can maintain any type of large category machine and keep it in good condition.


  • Make sure to train large machinery operator


In the large machinery plants, there are multiple operators working on different checkpoints. Out of all the points of inspections, it is important to check if the equipment is working properly.Whenever you purchase a piece of large machinery, it is important to inspect it. And even if you trained the operators in the beginning, it is important to keep training them at regular intervals in the right way. Otherwise, it could lead your process to breakdowns.


Make sure to educate them with the revised manuals for the specific work situation. And those manual should get updated from time to time whenever the machinery goes through some changes. In a digital work environment, management needs to make sure that operators are using the current version of each manual.


On another note, when you identify the best machine practices, you can apply the same to your other facilities.


  • Never Forget Lubricants


Lubricating is one of the most important aspects when it comes to maintenance checks. They reduce friction around any moving parts. If you keep a regular schedule of good lubrication, it would extend the life of large machinery equipment and parts. The key here is to look for the signs of excess oil or grease on the pistons. Make sure to check for leaks around these oil seals.


On the other hand, it is important to use the right lubricant. There is a variety of grease or oil available for every component. In this case, check for the manufacturer’s recommendations. Also, it is important to check lubricants at regular time intervals. Because sometimes, there are chances that experts might find particles in the oil. This way,  you can diagnose problems with large machinery. 


  • Look out for the Signs of Wear


When it comes to heavy machinery, it shows through different signs like vibration, shock, high temperatures, friction, etc. These all indicate the problem in the machinery. Here are some of the possible causes:


  • Vibration comes from out of alignment gears and belts.


  • If there is an accident or poor operator technique, shocks can come from the machinery.
  • Problems like extended use, friction, worn parts, etc. can cause a rise in the temperatures of the machine.


  • Age is a major factor which might affect the machine components. After some years the machine may stop working as required. In such cases, keep monitoring the machinery and get it repaired or replaced if needed.


  • In robotics machinery, it is important to consider looking for the parts. You can try searching “Fanuc parts” or “Prima Parts” to find a replacement for your robotic or metal sheet machinery.


  • Maintain Cleanliness


It is important to inspect the machinery parts regularly and clean them whenever needed. Important parts like filters, breathers should be cleaned to avoid creating a vacuum in the cab. It might suck contaminants into the cab. For instance, electronics in the can are vulnerable if contaminated. To maintain the cleanliness, it is advisable to store large machinery in a shed or other building if possible. It should not be in contact with wind and weather as it can lead to rust and rot. Also, it is important to run machinery periodically if not in use.


Extra Tips


  • Check for the power transmission in moving parts. Make sure to lubricate gearbox in order to avoid lubrication, vibration, and damage to parts.


  • Make sure to inspect parts like Fanuc Parts, friction materials, seals, prima parts, gaskets after replacement.


  • Keep lubricating bearings often. It would extend machinery performance.


Keep torque checks on bolts. They can elongate and creep after some time.


  • If followed in an appropriate order, these tips can help you extend the machinery life. It can help you with a major return on investment of their costs. The key is to keep performing maintenance tasks to keep your machinery up to date and working in a proper way.