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11 Perfect Laser Cutting Gift Ideas

Gifts are the expression of feelings. And every time when we look for a suitable gift for our loved ones, those available in the market might not best be suited. One of the major reasons is that they have a missing element. Something personal. That special touch. Probably a personalized name, a symbol which expresses your feeling towards that particular person. Good news! With laser cutting, you can craft some amazing pieces. It provides you a freedom to create thoughtful gifts.


Here are the 11 fantastic gifts you can make with the laser cutting:


1) Custom Leather Journals


Leather journals have been in the market for a long time now! It can be the most suitable gift for writers and travelers who would want to document their latest adventures or write-ups in that. They can also be a good fit as a guest book for weddings, a sketchbook for budding artists, etc. You can engrave leather with modern cuts and can give it a realistic look to the final product using laser cutting.


2) Engraved Rolling Pins


The best gift for cooking enthusiasts! Be it cookies or pies, the person who receives it would be delighted when rolling pins of their choice is engraved with their name. With the laser cutting process, you can turn any inexpensive rolling pin into a great gift with a customized print on it.



3) Engraved Wine Glasses


People who love wine will definitely appreciate engraved wine glasses. These can be great wedding gifts, anniversary gifts or even birthday gifts. Wine glasses with the initials engraved.


4) Custom Recipe Cutting Boards


Nowadays, wooden recipe cutting boards are in trend which makes it easy for cooking enthusiasts to chop vegetables. With LVD strippit parts, you can make a wonderful personalized gift which would last long and can be passed down to generations. 


5) Slate Cheese/Charcuterie Tray


These gifts are for those who love entertaining. In order to set up your laser cutting set up, you can find the best Fanuc parts online. With the help of it, you can make a stylish charcuterie tray which makes a great host or hostess gift for holiday parties or as a thoughtful present. 


6) Wooden Clock


How about a wooden clock with a personalized message for the special one? Using laser cutting tool you can easily make a wooden clock which stands out-of-the crowd in the market.


7) Bookmarks


A perfect piece of gift for the book worms. Now when it comes to giving away these, you would find many of them in the market. Hence, you can engrave that may be with a Starbucks picture or a design of your favorite web series character.


8) Earrings


What’s better than giving a set of earrings to your wife, friend or sister? LVD strippit parts are known to be performing well for such products. Just place a design of your choice and you would be able to create a perfect set of personalized earrings.


9) Personalized Door Mat


Let your visitors know that they’re at the right place and pass the message of a warm welcome at the same time! Plus, the benefit is that the laser beam actually burns the fibers in the rug. Hence, it would never get ruined.


10) Cellphone Cases


Giving a laser engraved mobile cover would be the perfect gift for people who love their cellphones. Because you will be giving them a gift they would take everywhere. And you will have an open canvas, where you can craft any type of design to make it more attractive.


11) Wall Art


This is the perfect gift for people with more artistic flair. It can be a simple, easy, an inexpensive piece of lasered wall art. It will be an excellent addition to anyone’s home and serve as a fantastic conversation piece.


A laser cutting machine allows you to craft some amazing piece of art which you can gift to any of your friends, family, and colleagues which they would remember for life! You would find LVD strippit parts, Fanuc parts online which are sure to help you produce attractive results from your laser machine.