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Quick Tips to Maintain Shear Blades

Shear blades are one of the most important tools when it comes to the metal fabrication industry. Shearing, also known as die cutting is a process of cutting metal. The most common materials cut using shearing are in the form of a sheet or metal plates.

The process in which the cutting blades are straight is shearing and if there are curved blades then the process is known as shearing-type operations. There are four types of operations include blanking, piercing, roll slitting, and trimming. To improve the uptime of shear blades & to reduce the maintenance costs, it is important to keep those blades in shape.


Here are some tips to maintain your shear blade in top shape:


Understand the Root Cause


First of all, it is important for any fabricator to understand the functions, designs, and operation of each machine in the plant. One of the major causes of shear failure is the overloading on shear blades beyond its parameters. When you attempt to cut the metal beyond the recommended limits, it could possibly damage your machines as well as shear blades.


In order to maintain the shear blades, it is important to perform standard maintenance every day. Plus, using quality products is also a must. Amada shear blades are among the top market leaders known for its quality and low maintenance cost.


Inspections on Regular Intervals


Make sure to perform scheduled downtime maintenance in order to ensure the smooth operations of the machine. It is important to test all the functions used in day-to-day activities. Examine all the bearing for the emergency and safety functions of the machine as it is an important aspect.


Once done with the examination, documentation is important as well. With the help of it, you can reveal potential issues beforehand so that an immediate repair can take place by an expert. These documents will help in analyzing and prepare preventive measures in case of future emergency problems.


Set the Blade Properly


Before starting the process make sure that you fit the blade properly in the machine. When you set the shear blade properly it helps to extend the blade's life and machine efficiency. Therefore, make sure to set the proper clearance for the finer cut quality.


Additionally, it is important to clean the blades. If the clearance is high, metal would jam between the blade and machine. Hence, if the blade has no clearance, it would work smoothly. But if you set the clearance too loose, it might cause premature failure of the system.


Have a Basic Maintenance Plan


  1. As per your machine requirements, you can set a basic maintenance plan to ensure the smooth working of your blade.
  2. Make sure that the air system is working properly for cleaner air. It is important to maintain the regulators to help the pneumatic mechanism for proper functioning.
  3. Remember to check the lubrication before starting any operations. It is a must to keep the lubrication system clean and filtered.
  4. Whenever you wish to replace the parts, try searching "Amada Machine replacement parts", as they are the best in the market, in the search engine and you would find a number of them.
  5. Check machine clutch and brakes for thickness, lining, clearances, and signs of failure. In any case, they've worn out, replace them immediately to avoid costly repairs.
  6. Keep in mind that air leaks or failure of the counterbalance cylinder need your immediate attention. They ensure the proper operations of shear and its tooling.

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