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9 Proven & Useful Tips to Maintain Your Press Brakes

Press Brakes. The most important tool for any company running a production plant or factory. Even if you search for ‘Amada press brake for sale’ online there would be tons of options available there to choose from. They are expensive too, which means that they need intensive care and maintenance from your side to ensure its smooth functioning.

To help you maintain Press Brake machines for better-extended work life, we are bringing you some useful tips.


9 Proven & Useful Tips to Maintain Your Press Brakes


Wipe it out!


In general, it is advisable for all types of electronic machines and Amada machine replacement parts. Dust and dirt are among the worst enemies of these machines. Therefore, make it an essential step to regularly wipe down and clean your press brake machines. You can also use rust protectant to apply on the possible surfaces.


Lubricate Rails and Ball Screws


It is important that the back gauge is working and cleaned properly. To keep all the dust buddies away, lubrication is the key. Lubricate your rails and ball screws according to manufacturer’s schedule. Make sure that you wipe off all the excess lubrication after the application to make sure it does not collect debris and contaminants.


Don’t Forget Cooling Fans


They would be at the back of your press brake’s electrical cabinets. If I am not wrong, they are also known as vent filters. Dust usually blocks them. Therefore, make it a practice to remove them and clean out at least once a month or as needed. Make sure you keep the door closed except when you access it.


Clean the Lens Every day!


Lenses of your press brakes are the heart of these machines and Amada machine replacement parts. Even a small scratch on the lens can diffuse the laser. Therefore, make sure to use a clean, non-abrasive cloth to wipe off the dirt and clean the lens.

Pro tip: Keep a specific cloth set aside to clean the laser every morning before starting the machine to prevent any build-up on the lenses.


Cleanse the Surrounding Area


You don’t want the press brake machine getting dirty. Therefore, it is wise to practice cleanliness in the surrounding area as well. Make sure that you don’t have any junk lying around the machine area. It will help prevent further issues meanwhile increasing safety and productivity as well.


Tidy the Tooling


They collect dust easily. Make it a habit to change the wiping oil on a regular span. They make a huge difference. Make sure that you clean underneath your bottom die and wipe off the top part of the upper punch.


Seating the Press Brake Tooling


Whenever you load and unload your tooling, make sure that it is seating in a correct manner. Sometimes it becomes an issue that affects your press brake working. It is important that the upper tool is under a bit of tonnage to make sure it’s up where it’s needed. You also need to periodically check and verify the proper alignment of your tooling.


Inspect Your Machine


This should be a part of your regular maintenance cycle. Inspect and check your machine while cleaning to ensure if other parts are working fine. It helps you to monitor and solve the issues causing any unusual noises when you operate the machine. And when needed you can search for ‘Amada replacement parts online’ to buy the new ones. Check and tighten all your necessary bolts and connections on a monthly basis.

Park the Machine Right


At the end of the day when you are done with the working, park the machine in the bottom position. You can rest the beam down in the die or on blocks every night. With the cylinders and valves, it becomes much easier when the hydraulics don’t have to hold the ram up. Even if the press brake is brand new, pressure might bleed of holding this much weight.