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What Does It Take to Obtain Impeccable Laser Cutting Results?


You might be an OEM who has been into laser metal cutting for over years. Or might be someone who is about to start anew. It is of vital importance to offer good quality laser cutting if you want to make your customers happy. And to be able to do so, it is important to have superior quality laser parts. Prima Laser parts have gained a lot of popularity amongst the laser machine operators as they provide with good quality results.


The technological advancements in the field of laser metal cutting are a proof enough that we need to offer better renderings with each passing day. If you are a someone who prefers perfection with every piece you produce, this article is for you.

Below mentioned are some pointers given by experts which will help you to produce impeccable laser cutting:


Maintenance is The Key

“I use Trumpf Laser Parts in my laser cutting machine. How can its working ever deteriorate?” laser professionals are often heard giving this statement. Well, there’s no denying to the fact that they indeed provide superior quality results. But this in no way means that they don’t require regular maintenance. Approach the companies that are into laser cutting part maintenance and they are sure to upkeep your machines based on their maintenance cycle.

Based on the type/working of the machine, they might undertake different maintenance activities right from cleaning the lens of your machine to conducting electrical inspections. At times, when you might not have used certain machines for over few years. The maintenance cycle for such machines is different.

Cleaning the Cutter Lens

When it comes to metal cutting, lens of the machine stands of utmost importance as that affects the overall result of the cut. During the cutting process, if the lens isn’t clean, it forms the layers on the lens which affects the quality of cut. Hence, after certain cutting cycles, it is necessary for the operator to clean the lens. Also, while cleaning the lens, one needs to be careful about the method applied for cleaning as it can damage the lens further or leave traces of cleaning material behind.

When it comes to lens cleaning, the operators might not know how to use the cleaning agent. It asks for them to use a specific amount after which the process of lens polishing follows. If you undertake the cleaning process regularly, it will enhance the life span of the lens for around 8 months.

Centralizing the Laser Jet

Jet is one of the most important parts of a laser machine. Apart from guiding the laser beam to the metal, jet also carries the auxiliary gas required for cutting. So, whether you are using Prima Laser Parts or parts of any other brand, you must check if you have centered the jet or not. You can do so by pointing the laser beam

on the tape for few seconds. Thereafter, you need to ensure that the hole that you have made in the tape is centered. After this, you need to make sure the hole on the tape is well centered.

As the hole of the lens has small dimensions, it is advisable for the operator to make use of the magnifying glass. For tasks like this, it is better to approach a company providing maintenance services than doing it yourself.


Enhancing the Optic Focus Machine


You might be maintaining the optic cutting process for sure! But you must also focus on the number of cutting cycles. Initially, the operators had to take care of optic focusing on their own. However, the latest laser cutting machines come with a system which doesn’t ask for operators to focus it. One needs to note the color of the laser beam from time to time. Whenever it becomes blue, the operator needs to note the value of it and repeat it thrice. Once the operator gets the average result through the process, he can enter it into the laser cutting system by focusing on the optic.


It is usually the laser cutter manufacturers who need to decide which process of focusing they want to choose. So, when you go for buying Trumpf Laser Parts, you can also discuss with your manufacturer as to how to focus in the best possible way.