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Tips to Ensure Smooth Working of Your Shear Blades

shearblade_850x450.jpg Dealing with machinery on daily basis asks for you to look into its wear and tear and maintain it. If you work at a metal forming plant, you might have come across shear blades and must be well-acquainted with their working. It is common to see Amada shear blades installed in fabricators and tube mills. And they turn out to be one of the most important tools when it comes to implementing the task of metal cutting or fabricating.

Shear blades are available in various sizes right from foot operated trim shears to hand held metal shears. Search on any website selling Amada machine replacement parts and you are sure to find them. These blades, for long have replaced hand-held devices like saw when it comes to high quality metal cutting tasks. If you use sheer blades and want to make the most out of them, we are here to provide you with tips that will help you to lessen the overall uptime and enhance your production quality.

Know the Machine Anatomy

The design of the shear blade is such that it can cut the metal of a specific width and thickness. Now, what happens if you push it beyond a certain limit? It is sure to damage itself and have an impact on the working of your machine. Hence, you must understand the design, operation and function of your machine before overwhelming it with different parameters. So, adjust your machine based on your requirements, make use of lubricants to maintain its wear and tear and follow the maintenance schedules strictly.

Precise Blade Placements

Whether you make use of Amada Shear blades or of any other brand, you must set the shear blade with precision. This will provide longevity to your machine’s life. Whenever you are about to set the blade, you must check the blade seat for its evenness. Also, check if you have done the tooling rightly so that you can keep blade chipping at bay while cutting a metal.

Normally, when the clearance is tight, it results into flawed cutting as the metal jams between the machine and blade. And if it is loose, the blade starts serving the function of hammer which gives unnecessary pressure to the components of the machine.

Don’t Procrastinate the Repairs

In case you see a damage in your shear blade or if a part of your machine is falling apart, you must repair or replace them immediately. This is because taking care of the damage instantly will cost you less as compared to addressing it when there is a collapse or failure. Also, there is a danger to the life of your operator.

In case you want to replace a damaged part, all you need to do is, search for “Amada Machine Replacement Parts Online” and replace the part with ease. Amada machine parts are quite popular for their quality and results they provide to the metal cutting professionals.

Level & Isolate

If you want to ensure smooth operation of your machine, you must level and isolate it from vibration. Select good quality isolation pads and install them properly so that they enhance the life of your machine and its shearing speed. It will also lessen noise emission and fame distortion. If you use the latest isolators, you would be able to take care of the leveling task in a matter of few minutes.

By leveling the machine, you would be able to keep the twisting at bay and protect your shear blade. Apart from the above-mentioned points, you need to take care of the air, lubrication, clutch and brake systems of your machine.

Do you make use of Amada shear blades? How do you take care of them? Please feel free to share with us!