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Future of Press Brake

Press brake is a machine that bends the metal sheets. Its basic structure includes a bracket, table and clamping plate.


One can divide sheet metals into two categories:


  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel


Further, Galvanized steel has two sub-categories:


  • Electro-galvanized sheet
  • Hot-dipped metallic-coated sheets


Each type of material will require a different type of Press Brake machine.


Today this technology has come a long way and the Press brake industry is experiencing a major transformation phase with some great future opportunities.


So, strap in, and let’s have a look.


According to current buzz in the market, press brakes would dominate the market by bringing a lot of opportunities for fabricators. When we look over the market share of the press brake, there are some emerging opportunities for small local and global vendors.


The global market scenario of press brake machine:


Gone are the days when fabricators were using mechanical press brakes. With hydraulic and pneumatic press brakes, there has been a major shift in the utilities.


On the other side, the wave of automation is heading high with more and more industries adopting computers, robotics getting involved in it. And sheet pressing being an important part of their systems, there are expectations to have a higher demand for sheet bending in the coming years. This automatically indicates the high-growth of Press Brakes, Trumpf parts, Mitsubishi machine parts in the coming years.


When choosing the press brakes, one thing that fabricators look for is the programmability. With the evolution of operational parameters, enhancement of press brake will pick up the speed and will even make it easy for fabricators to use them on a regular basis.



The growth of the press brake market varies according to regions. There is an expectation that in terms of value, press brake will be ahead in the market of developed countries.


Whereas, in developing countries, there is an expectation that the press brake market including Trumpf parts, Mitsubishi machine parts will grow even bigger during the most during financial years.


Apart from these possibilities, we can expect that at the global level applications of press brake may grow as well. It will be useful in areas like transport, building construction, automation industry, and general machinery applications. But, let’s not forget the strict norms of certification for press brake might obstruct the growth of the market.


As per the current situation, we can divide the market of the press brake on the basis of the regions, types of applications.


Now, let’s look at the possible opportunities in its applications:


Press brake categorizes into general machinery, transport machines, building and construction, sheet cutting or any other applications.


Additionally, the geographical share of Press Brakes covers seven regions i.e. North America, CIS & Russia, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Europe.


The constant change and evolution in the press brake machines are turning out to be a great help for fabricators.


Before the press brakes, fabricators were bending the sheets manually. Due to its complexity, it was one of the most tedious tasks of their job. But, now the introduction of technology gave birth to hydraulic machines.


We can say that the hydraulic machines have made the process of bending sheet materials easy and fast for fabricators.


This constant evolution gave birth to good press brake machines. These new machines come with high precision, good speed and easy bending of sheets.


Final Words:


In this ever-growing world, change is the only constant be it with any industry. The

involvement of technology is making the lives of fabricators easy. In return, users are getting end products with better results.


Hence, making the most out of your machines and being future-ready is the only practice to stay ahead in the competition.


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Rebirth of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records have been in the market for years. It was a major source of music for the people of 20th century.


And after that, they were almost gone. However, with the advancement in the laser industry, laser engraving has been a versatile solution for many industries.


This article talks about the recent re-emergence of vinyl records because of laser engraving technology.


A little throwback to the history


Developed in the mid-1800s, Vinyl records were among the most dominant source of music till the 20th century. In 1990s the small size cassettes and CDs replaced these vinyl records.


The introduction of technology in the entertainment industry made people adopt new emerging things. However, these instruments were able to maintain their worth. With a large number of people still using vinyls to record their music.


With the introduction of engraving technology, these recorders have started coming back in trend. Numerous artists have started recording music in this format. In fact, according to current reports, vinyl sales are increasing year over year.


Additionally, Sony recently made an announcement that for the first time in 30 years they will be reopening the vinyl plant.


On the other hand, CNBC did a report on vinyl sales that stated that in 2016 total sale numbers for vinyl were 13 million. The highest number ever the company has had since 1991.


How this transformation became possible?


Laser Engraving in Vinyl Record:


In 2016 a company named Rebeat, located in Australia did a patent of the new method i.e. producing vinyl records using laser engraving. Later when they were able to increase their funding, they went on to reintroduce these records in the market.


Rebeat is calling these new records HD vinyl. And according to sources, these new records would have long playtime and better sound quality.


If you are looking to upgrade your laser machines with new parts you can look online for Bystronic spare parts or Prima spare parts for quality results.




The digital audio data from the device converts into an accurate image and represents it in a 3D inverted surface model for music. Further, it goes for mastering and size evaluation to prevent any unneeded gaps during printing.


It creates 3D images on ceramic plates. Whereas in traditional vinyl pressing, nickel stampers are useful instead of ceramics. 




But, they wear out faster compared to other ceramics and produce records that decrease the quality as stamping plates lose details.


In fact, Rebeat claimed that with the help of laser engraving along with ceramic plates, up to 10,000 records production is possible without any loss in quality.


Additionally, they even said that by replacing vinyl pressing with laser engraving they were able to reduce the manufacturing time by 60%.


Pro tip: All HD vinyl produced by Rebeat will be backwards compatible and will be playable on any standard turntable.


Oreo Records and Laser Engraving:


Another big news is from Oreo cookie company. According to reports from Digital Music News, oreo recently partnered with the company called Dimension Plus to create Oreos capable of playing on the special turntable.


The company engraves the grooves on the iconic cookies which in turn produces Oreo’s theme song in different music styles like Jazz, classical, electronic and Chinese pop music.


To upgrade your laser machines with new parts you can look online for Bystronic spare parts or Prima spare parts for quality results.


A few of the major reasons that define the longevity of the records:


  1. Young collectors are having interests in collecting these records as it gives them a retro
  2. feel.
  3. The interest of baby boomers who grew up using them.
  4. The audio quality of vinyl records renders the best results. Because they are the closest to the original format.
  5. Additionally, engraved Vinyl records can be an art piece or autographs from their favorite artists.


Final Words:


Sometimes it may seem that technology is overpowering the world of music. However, Vinyl records and laser engraving can be the best example to overrule this type of statement. The collaboration between laser engraving and vinyl records is thriving in the industry and creates the need as it gives them the freedom of reliving those good old days again with a touch of technology.


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Laser Engraving Showing its Magic In the Entertainment World

From personalizing guitar picks to engraving name-plates on Oscars, laser engraving has been a key part of the entertainment industry.


This article sheds light on how it can be useful in some other parts of the entertainment world as well.


1. Fan Merchandise:


In retail merchandise, producing products that stand out is important. Introducing uniqueness and customization can be the opening door for you to kick-start into retail merchandising.


In this case, Laser engraving can come handy for bands, artists to sell their custom merchandise. As it connects them with customers on a personal level, they can also promote their upcoming tours, increase their fan base, and build their brand name.


Artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, BTS, and bands like One Direction regularly offer custom merch. You can build these types of products on the basis of new releases, campaigns, tours, etc. And one can use laser engraving to engrave products like cutting boards, keychains, sometimes exclusive autographed products, etc.


2. Instruments:


Thinking of giving a personalized gift to someone? Then why not try laser engraving! The laser-engraved instruments can be special gifts they would never forget.


Additionally, you would get a variety of options to apply laser engraving to:


  • Guitars
  • Instrument cases
  • Drum Sticks
  • Pianos


3. Vinyl Engraving:


There were times when traditional vinyl records ruled the market. However, they are again in the limelight all thanks to laser engraving.


A company named Rebeat in 2016 arranged a patent for creating vinyl records in a new way with unique markings. Recently, they worked out on their funding and hope to introduce laser-engraved vinyl records in the market very soon.


Additionally, laser marking records can have better sound quality, produce more amplitude, and last a longer playing time compared to traditional methods. Hence, you can look out for laser marked vinyl in the upcoming months!


4. Concerts:


Not laser marking, but laser, in general, also plays a different but important role in the music industry with attractive light visuals, laser bands, laser lights in the concerts. They create a variety of entertaining visuals that many times take artists’ and bands’ shows to the next level.


Using special background effects with the help of laser during concerts can add up a special sequel that can create a different type of atmosphere among the audience. You can use create this type of laser effect depending on the different genres to entertain your audience.


If you are looking to upgrade your laser machines with new parts you can look online for Fanuc parts or Trumpf parts for quality results.


5. Movies:


Movies are an integral part of the entertainment industry and here are a few ways how lasers have been a part of the movies.


  • Awards:


Some of the most famous awards like Grammys, Oscars, AMAs, etc. use laser engraving technology to prepare their awards.


As laser engraving provides precision with speed, you can have a smooth finishing touch to it.


  • Movie Posters:


If you are a cinephile person, thinking of having a collection of movie posters, then how about having laser engraved posters of your favorite movies? Be it the famous superhero movie like Avengers or one of the classics like Frankenstein, you can create laser engraved posters to make a unique type of collection. You can either get them from any shop or get them laser engraved yourself.


  • Theaters:


In recent years, laser technology made it in the theaters as well. Recently, the famous IMAX has introduced IMAX with laser in which they use laser projection. This type of projection uses a 4K laser system to provide customers with high-resolution images, better visual effects, and enhanced contrasts. Compared to other projectors these types of projectors perform better in every aspect.


Final Words:


A subset of laser marking, laser engraving practice is thriving in the entertainment industry. Since it does not involve the use of inks, you can get long-lasting, precise results on your products giving them a personalized touch. To upgrade your machines with new laser parts you can look online for Trumpf parts or Fanuc parts to get started.


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Engraving Buttons with Laser Machines

With laser marking, you can mark any surface or object with different characters, numbers, logos or graphics.


Laser marking machines come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to huge. The small machines are useful in handling small batches of printing while another type of machine can be useful for large production units.



The laser marking system can be better than printers as it makes it possible to add attractive markings and produce permanent results.


  • Complex artwork becomes possible including marking or engraving with laser technology
  • Marking/Engraving is faster compared to printing
  • More accuracy and precision compared to printer
  • Easy cleaning process
  • Laser marking is apt for engraving or marking on buttons


As buttons come in small sizes, designing them might seem like a difficult task. That’s when laser engraving or marking comes in picture. 


It not only makes designing these buttons an easy task but there are many other benefits of using laser engraving machines:


1. Precise cut:


Precision is the USP of laser engraving. The designs you form with laser engraving give you precise, perfect, and beautiful results.


And as accuracy is one of the most important factors while marking buttons, engraving is one of the most useful ways of designing the smallest of the things.


To upgrade your laser machines with new parts you can look online for Mitsubishi parts or Mazak spare parts for quality results.


2. Powerful Stable Output:


You can see a remarkable improvement in the production power of laser technology. In terms of delivering results, they are more advanced than other options that make the production process easier and faster. The continuous detection of power makes sure that there is an uninterrupted supply of production during the button engraving.


3. Meeting the demand:


Laser marking machines make it easy to fulfill high demands of your customers. With these automated machines, all you will need to do is just click and the engraving process would start. In turn, it helps you to finish these tasks on time and fulfill the demand.


4. Easy to operate:


It is easy to operate and get the perfect results in a short time. Its advanced technology makes any laser engraving machine easy to operate and possibly the best form of marking compared to any other way of marking.


5. Ease of maintenance:


Laser marking helps in providing a permanent mark on different types of buttons in a short span of time. The process of laser marking is flexible and makes the process of engraving buttons easy irrespective of the type of material used.

The best part of the laser marking system is, it is not complex and does not require any timely maintenance.


6. Low cost:


Laser marking is an investment in your system. Once implemented successfully, you

would not need to make any other investments which make it cost-effective for your business. Additionally, laser marking even helps in making designs in bulk at low cost and fulfill maximum orders.


If you are looking to upgrade your laser machines with new parts you can look online for Mitsubishi parts or Mazak spare parts for quality results.


Let’s have a look at the type of buttons that you can include in your laser engraving project:


1. Cloth buttons: 


Laser marking on the cloth buttons makes an elegant looking design that can enhance the overall look of any piece of cloth. Engraved buttons with unique designs will make your clothes and other type of merchandise unique.


2. Glass buttons:


Engraving glass buttons can be a little sensitive task due to its fragile behavior. Therefore, engraving them with a laser would lessen the possibilities than any other type of engraving process.


3. Metal buttons:


Laser technology can help in etching the metal button. Since the process follows similar steps, it will make the overall process easy for the users.


4. Polyester button:


Polyester buttons can be the best choice when it comes to engraving. The output of laser engraving would look better on this type of material.


5. Wood button:


The blend of laser marking and wood buttons is always a hit.  Laser marking gives an ethnic look to these wood buttons when engraved. You can easily carve graphics, different designs, particular letters, etc. easily on wood buttons.




If you are new to laser engraving and thinking of where to start or even if you have a flourished business in this field,  it can never be too late to explore new things and produce new designs. 


Laser engraving provides you with the freedom to explore different patterns of designs and explore various materials. Engraving on buttons is one of the ways to begin your laser engraving business. 


Source: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s548/sh/323a56b5-bef8-41d4-9bc8-178708f3adea/8ebf2dc26e2937250c2dc4a77e953bc9

Laser Engraving: The Best Solution to Mark Medical Equipment

Medical equipment, devices, and tools are the most important assets for any hospital. As each one of them has a specific purpose, bifurcating and marking them with the correct data is also critical.


Apart from identifying their use, it is important to label them according to their use. Additionally, it helps the service team perform the maintenance activities, helps the procurement team to procure the right equipment and many more. To mark the equipment, out of all the available methods, Laser marking can be the best way as it does not affect its chemical state.



Let’s understand why laser marking is essential:


In 2013, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) made marking of the medical equipment compulsory. The major reason behind this was to identify and trace the equipment. They also require marks like logos, alphanumeric, codes, etc. to be clear and readable.


They even added that all medical equipment should have a Unique Device Identification (UDI). This UDI consists of the manufacturer's name, make or model of the product, expiry date or other attributes if any.


Further, the government also issues guidelines on marking equipment with unique identifiers. This means these marks are compulsory for all medical equipment from tiny devices like implants to large equipment.


How to Laser Mark


You can easily do it on the selected area especially on prepared plastic surfaces, metallic or delicate materials like foil or laminate. Unlike other labeling methods, laser marking does not involve direct contact. Consisting of different laser parts like Trumpf nozzlesand Precitec nozzle, here are its major types:


1. Foaming:


This type of laser marking melts the material and is often done on the dark plastics. After the process, the marked area becomes lighter than the rest of the material.


2. Engraving:


This popular way for laser marking melts, evaporates, leaves the impression of design, logo, numbers, and text.


3. Carbonizing:


Carbonizing is useful in wooden or leather surfaces. It leaves a dark mark after the use.


4. Staining:


This type of laser cutting machine causes the heat effect and changes the color of the marked parts the same way when something burns.


5. Annealing:


After exposure to the laser beams, the surface of the material undergoes oxidation and changes because of the heat. This method is useful when working with metal materials.


6. Removing:


To get rid of the topcoat of the material this marking method can be the solution. One can perform this type of marking preferably on laminates, foils, coated metals or aluminum.


Benefits of Laser Marking Medical Equipment:


  1. It becomes easy to track the devices in cases of malfunctions, emergencies, maintenance, etc.
  2. Laser marking helps in protecting the trademark of medical equipment and devices. In turn, facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies can easily tell if they are original or not.
  3. These markings make it easy for users to identify manufacturers and find details of particular medical equipment.
  4. As it is a non-contact form of labeling, laser marking leaves the delicate parts of the equipment untouched.
  5. With laser marking, it becomes easy to trace the manufacturer.
  6. Laser marking guarantees precise results. It means that you can mark all medical equipment, tools, and devices with the same sign at the same spot.
  7. Manufacturers can trace their products and get data on their performance to know they are performing well or having any defect.




Overall, laser marking uses laser beams to label equipment, tools, devices, parts, and materials. As this method is durable, the mark never wears out. It withstands chemicals, moisture, heat, and other harsh conditions that can ruin the other kind of labeling. To smartly brand your medical equipment, one should adopt this technology. You can easily find the laser engraving machines online or its parts like Trumpf nozzles and Precitec nozzle if you already have invested in a machine to get started.


Source: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s548/sh/29fdbbbe-b962-46e4-bf21-9bc9d77b6dc9/ec5af53c6cb4c71609e4a0e4c43aa070

Basics of Laser Cutting Machines

The evolution of small laser beam light toys into huge machines serving industrial demands today, laser technology has come a long way.


However, apart from industrial demands like cutting and pressing metal sheets, this technology is much more than that.




Let’s read the basics with little but important details involved behind Laser machines.


What is Laser?


LASER is an acronym of “Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation”.

According to Wikipedia, “A laser is a device that emits light through a process of optical amplification based on the stimulated emission of electromagnetic radiation.”


The invention of the first laser cutting machine took place during the 1970s. For the past 30 years, the continuous increase in functionalities in laser cutting machines has its applications.


Laser machines cater to diverse fields like manufacturing, military, law enforcement, skin treatments, and much more.


Below mentioned are its major qualities:


  1. Consistency
  2. Brightness
  3. Monochromatic
  4. Direction


The Working


When the laser beam hits the surface of the workpiece, the light energy transforms into heat energy and the focused point melts because of thermal diffusion and forms a small spot.


The metal vapor in the spot expands and causes a micro-explosion. This ejects the molten material and causes a highly directional anti shock wave. It makes a hole with a wide upper side and small lower side for further processing.


Fiber laser cutting -- one of the most famous types of laser cutting uses high power density laser beams to illuminate the work area. The illuminated material rapidly melts, evaporates and reaches the ignition point. The high-speed airflow along with the laser beam blows the melted material. If you are looking to implement laser system for your business, you can search for Amada parts, Amada laser parts, Amada replacement parts online to find the best fit as per your requirements.


Because of the recent development in this technology, fiber laser machines are more

efficient. They replaced the CO2 and YAG lasers in thin plates cutting.


Below mentioned are some advantages of fiber laser cutting:

  1. The cost of fiber laser cutting is low because the photoelectric conversion rate is 30% whereas the photoelectric conversion rate for CO2 laser and YAG laser is 6-10% and 3% respectively.
  2. It is lightweight, has a small volume, and is movable with a flexible moving position.
  3. The laser beam passes along the optical fiber without the need for a reflected light path which in turn saves the cost of reflection lens, organ shield and avoids light path pollution.
  4. The wavelength of the optical fiber laser is 1.06 μm and provides a benefit for sheet metal cutting and increases the speed by 2 to 4 times.


Fiber laser cutting machines are useful in cutting the stainless steel below 4mm and can cut up to 8 to 10mm thick stainless steel in a laser beam.


But, when the material oxygenates, the thin oxide film forms on the surface. And the thickness of cutting increases by 16mm, but the size of the cutting part is larger.


Overall, Fiber laser cutting is good for large production because of its lower processing cost. In fact, they can be useful when producing small batches of parts.


The cutting equipment is computerized and receives data from a computer-aided design workstation.


How the laser transfers the light path


The core of the laser component adjusts the curvature of the lens surface with the help of water pressure, which results in changed angle of the laser beam and at last, adjusts it by focusing the laser movement up and down.


The focus of the laser changes due to different diameter spots and different working positions of the machines.


In the process, the focus of the laser light plays an essential role. But, one more aspect plays a vital role in laser cutting i.e. height of the focus. It depends on the material chosen to cut and the type of cutting machine.


The focus position varies depending on the material. For example, in carbon steel, the focus is on the upper surface of the plate. Whereas, in stainless steel, the focus is about half of the thickness of the plate. So, if you are cutting the 2mm of stainless steel then the focus should be between 0.8 to 1.2mm.


The focus position also affects the quality of the cutting. Because the surface of the material is uneven, the focal position of the laser changes. If you are looking to implement laser system for your business, you can search for Amada parts, Amada laser parts, online to find the best fit as per your requirements.


Final words:


Irrespective of the industry you choose to venture your business in, its basic know-how is the foremost requirement to optimize your potential success and to maximize the identified goals.

Difference Between Laser Engraving, Etching and Marking

The craze for laser engraving, marking and etching is increasing day-by-day because of the regulations set by the government regarding product identification.


All of them provide permanent marking solutions that can add that distinct mark on your products.


But, there are only a few people who understand the difference between them. While these three techniques look similar, their applications set them apart.



The major difference between laser marking, engraving and etching lies in what they could do to the marking surfaces. The difference also lies in how deep the laser goes and the way it changes its overall appearance.


Laser marking damages the surface of the material, whereas laser etching and engraving removes the portion of the area it marks.


The other difference between laser engraving and etching is the depth at which it enters the surface.


Without any further ado, let’s explore more differences between them.


1. Laser Marking Process


Laser marking is the process when beam comes in contact with the surface of any material and alters its properties or appearances. You should use laser machines having parts like Mazak parts, Fanuc spare parts, and Fanuc CNC parts for best laser marking results.


Here we have mentioned steps for laser marking which will give you some insights on how it works.

  • It uses a method called distortion by moving a low powered beam across the material.
  • This creates high contrast marks without damaging the material.
  • Laser heats the material and causes the oxidation under the surface turning the material black.
  • It uses low temperature to solidify the surface.
  • The major advantage is that all these steps do not damage the surface.


Now, let's look at some of the characteristics which make it different from the other two:

  • Laser marking is not a common thing and there are only a few that provide these services.
  • It is known as laser coloration, laser dark marking or charring when it works with plastic materials or annealing metals.

There are four types of laser marking:

                 - Annealing

                 - Carbon migration

                 - Foaming

                 - Coloration

Laser marking is popular in the medical device industry for marking stainless steel and titanium parts, but you can use it on other materials as well.

A laser market is perfect for bar codes, UID codes, QR codes, logos, etc.


2. Laser Engraving Process:


In laser engraving, the laser beam physically removes the surface of the material and exposes a portion of the image at the eye level.


Let’s look at laser engraving steps:

  • Laser releases excessive heat during the engraving process which results in vaporization of the material.
  • It is a quick process that vaporizes materials at each pulse.
  • This makes the surface vulnerable and noticeable to eyes and you can touch it too.
  • If you want deeper marks on the material then make sure that you repeat the process several times.


  • Below mentioned are features of laser engraving which will help you know the difference between them and the other too:


There are three types of laser engraving:

                 - Etching

                 - Deep laser engraving

                 - Laser ablation

The major difference between the above three engraving types is the surface you are engraving and how much you remove.

  • Maximum engraving depth for metal is 0.020” but it can even go as deep as 0.125” in materials like graphite.
  • Mostly, people use engraving when they want to create personalized items.
  • It is not suitable to mark the critical parts.
  • It is the fastest way to create a mark with a laser.
  • It’s suitable for parts expected to experience high wear and tear.
  • You can use it to engrave serial numbers and logos, among other things.
  • You can engrave on almost any kind of surfaces like metal, plastic, wood, leather, and glass.


3. Laser Etching Process:


It is a subset of laser engraving. It occurs when the heat from the beam melts the surface of the material. For best results, invest in parts like Mazak parts and Fanuc CNC parts.


Below mentioned are some of its characteristics:


  • It uses excessive heat to melt the surface of the material.
  • It expands material to create a raising mark.
  • The depth here is 0.001”.


The major difference between laser etching and the other two are:


  • Laser etching changes the reflectivity and increases the contrast of the metal and so it is preferable when you want to provide a better finish.
  • It removes 0.001” or less from the material.
  • Etching works on bare, plated metal surfaces, polymers or ceramics.


Wrapping it up:


I know there’s a lot of confusion about these terms among people which is common and people use it interchangeably very often, but there are wide differences between them and their applications. After selecting the process, make sure you are choosing a laser machine with the right laser parts like Mazak parts, Fanuc spare parts, etc.

Evolution of the Press Brake

Bending a metal sheet is a pretty difficult task and as a fabricator, you might know just how challenging it is. But there are press brakes now. They have definitely made this task a little less difficult.


Being a proud owner of press brake, you might know the details of its evolution.




Don’t worry, because we are going to talk about just that in this article. The evolution of press brake machines.




Technology advancements have brought immense growth and expansion for every industry. Be it automotive, travel, education, metal fabrication, you name it; technology is there.


Digitalizing the automotive industry has helped companies to increase competitiveness among themselves. Additionally, it is even enhancing customer satisfaction and provides them with an excellent quality of service.


Similarly, in education, digitalization helps in making sure that education reaches everyone. Not only this but online learning also benefits people a lot as it makes knowledge easily accessible.


But we are here to talk about digitalization of the metal fabrication industry.


So, let’s look at how the evolution of technology provides ease to a fabricator.


Fabrication technology plays a vital role in changing the metal forming and welding. One tool which has changed a lot is Press Brake. Do you remember the time when you would bend sheets using manual press brake and how difficult it would be? Now there are hydraulic or electric press brakes that increase productivity and decrease costs.


So, let’s see how they evolved and where we stand with press brakes today.


This evolution of press brakes took place in three parts:


  • Drive Systems
  • Automation
  • Coordinated Flow


In this article, we will explore the evolution of drive systems and automation which led to invention portal press brakes.


1. Drive Systems


In the early 1960s, there was mechanical press brake. The system had a motor with clutch, flywheel, eccentric crank and brake and can generate only 30 strokes per minute.

The mechanical press was popular for sheet metal industry’s mass production for a long time but then the needs were changing which, in turn, led to changes in press brakes.

By the time production became the new craze in metal fabrication, fabricators demanded their machines to be flexible in function and to have better capabilities to create custom products for consumers in a short time.


The change in consumer production led to the development of hydraulic press brake. It had controls for ram speeds, stroke lengths, applied force, and angle controls. Despite the slow pace, these brakes were useful until electric press brakes replaced them.


The introduction of the electric press brake was needed because of high demands, needs and constant change from customers’ behavior. It helped in increasing production speed for fabricators.


The electric press brake and the hybrid hydraulic electric drives have the approach speeds of 700 inches per minute (IPM) and bending speed as low as 5 inches per minute (IPM).


The different capabilities of these machines permit better functioning, efficiency, and precision in every bend.


2. Automation


The Industrial Revolution went on for over 150 years and played a vital role in the way we see manufacturing.


Before, press brake operators spent a large amount of time in programming, test bending, inspecting and adjusting the products and machines.


Current press brakes can perform accurate measurements and solve angular errors if any. It offers precise bending and better customization without you having to pay a lot of attention. All thanks to technology and parts like Mitsubishi laser parts and Mazak laser parts.


This revolution has improved the storage and the use of computer programs has made it easy to design and setup machines. It also helps in speeding up the designing process making the fabrication process faster and precise.


3. Ease of Use


Portable press brake comes with improved speed and makes the fabrication process easy. These machines are smaller and occupy little space in shops. Their size makes it easy to transport and use it.


Regardless of the fabrication project, the usage of press brake allows work to finish with less production time and ease. Once the sheets are ready, they are cut into sizable sheets using laser cutting with parts like Mitsubishi laser parts and Mazak laser parts.


Wrapping it up:


Digitalization has always helped mankind. Be it in automobiles, education, fabrication industry, etc. It brings ease to human life. The technology revolution which happened in the fabrication industry made the bending of materials and lives of fabricators easier. Apart from technology, quality parts like Mitsubishi laser parts and Mazak laser parts have also played a vital role in the improvement of press brakes.

Five Tips to Start Successful Laser Engraving Business

Want to start your own laser engraving business? Or thinking of adding a new vertical of laser cutting to your current business? To bring more diversity and uniqueness to your table. Or looking to add some creative side to the business which can help you earn extra?


If yes, then this article is the perfect place to start.


To help you understand and set up the laser engraving and cutting business, here we are with the steps you can follow:


1. Create a plan


Planning is the foundation for any business. Without planning you cannot move your business in the right direction. So, before you place an order for your laser engraving machine you need to create a strong business plan.


Make sure to:


  • Determine your target.
  • Understand your competitors.
  • Describe your company’s vision precisely.
  • Prepare a solid marketing plan.
  • Figure out a structure for your business.
  • Set funding.
  • Create a budget.
  • Add emotional touch to your products.


2. Set goals


You need to set a target and time limit to achieve those targets. Make a very minute set of goals like what do you want to accomplish in the next three months or six months or a year?


Understand, while preparing this target don’t set an unachievable goal. Set realistic goals that will help you get nearer to your goals. It even helps you to know exactly where you need to focus to grow your business to the next level. 


Setting goals gives you full control over the outcome of your business and it even provides you motivation to keep going further to achieve success.


3. Add value to your products


Adding personalization is trending. Many big brands like Starbucks, Spotify, etc. also add personalization to their offerings.


Thinking, why do they add up such things?


It’s simple. To promote their brand in a personalized way to stay relevant in this ever-changing market. People are ready to purchase and even pay premiums on the things with which they can relate. 


Millennials like to invest in things like personalized diaries, t-shirts, bottles, mugs, etc. Hence, you should study and try to understand the current trends of the market before finalizing your products. Also, to make quality products, invest in high-grade laser parts like Trumpf eco nozzle and precitec nozzles.


This will help you add value to your products and additionally, making it easier for you to promote your products.


In today’s era, personalization is the key and as a store owner, you need to work according to customers’ needs.


4. Promote your brand every day


For any business, marketing is the key to success. You cannot miss on this point as without marketing it is possible your business stops growing.


For laser engraving business, you need to understand that what you are offering is something unique and it is easy for people to miss it. Especially if you are making something intricate using Trumpf eco nozzle and precitec nozzles.


People think it is something they don’t really need. So, you need to show your products and educate your audience of the product.


Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is add some extra efforts in marketing whilst keeping the message same across all the channels.


The way you do marketing speaks a lot about your brand so make sure to prepare a proper plan before running your marketing campaign. 


Here, we have shared some ideas to market your laser engraving business:


Start by offering some giveaways to the community. Tie-up with some non-profit organizations and give them your products for free. 


This can be the foundation and at the same time, it will even help you introduce your company. You can even donate a few things like small signboards, placards, etc. Small giveaways like this will help you stand out and at the same time, they will even help you promote your brand.


5. Give yourself an opportunity to explore


It does not matter if designing is not your strong point. There are many online sites where you can download unique design files. These designs can be free or paid but you can easily use them and engrave them on your products.  A small price for bigger pays off.


Wrapping it up:


Laser engraving is a vast field. And you can easily explore it by taking a small risk. The tips described above will make sure that you don’t face any major obstacles while setting up your business. Also, only invest in quality laser machines and parts like Trumpf eco nozzle and precitec nozzles.

Revisiting the Basics of Laser Cutting

Laser, a technical word, is one of the most common words which we have been using and hearing for a long time.




Did you know that laser is an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”? It is a byword for efficiency and quality in materials processing since its emergence in the sixties.



It offers an entirely new way of using energy which helps manufacturing, medicine, and communications. You can heat, melt and even vaporize materials using lasers. It is an ideal medium for channelizing intense but controllable energy.


But they are most popular for cutting.


So, let’s brush up the basics of laser cutting and its uses?


Laser cutting is the thermal process that focuses laser beams on a particular area to melt material. It uses a coaxial gas jet to eject molten material and create a kerf.


As the laser beam or workpiece moves continuously under CNC control, it produces a cut.


There are three varieties of laser cutting:


  1. Fusion Cutting
  2. Flame Cutting
  3. Remote Cutting


Let’s look at each in brief.


Fusion cutting: This cutting uses molten material to expel the kerf. Nitrogen gas does not react with molten material and as a result, it does not contribute to the energy input. It is advisable to use lasers with Trumpf spare parts and Fanuc spare parts for the best quality work.


Flame cutting: This laser cutting uses oxygen along with other gases and exerts the mechanical force on the molten material. This, in turn, creates an exothermic reaction which increases the energy input process.


Remote cutting: In this laser cutting, the material partially evaporates because of the high-intensity laser beam. As a result, this cuts the thin sheets without using any gas.

You can use automation in the laser cutting process using offline CAD/CAM systems. It helps in controlling three-axis flatbed systems or six-axis robots for three-dimensional laser cutting.


With the improvements in accuracy, edge squareness, and heat input control, the laser cutting technique is replacing other profiling cutting techniques like plasma and oxy-fuel.


Let’s look at the most vital thing in a laser cutting machine which we tend to forget easily.

Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the lens in laser cutting machines. We often forget that lenses can affect the thickness of the cut which is important for the cut.


So, let’s understand how it works.


In laser cutting, you focus laser beams using a lens (sometimes a concave mirror) on a small spot where you need to produce a laser cut.


One can define a lens by its focal length. And what is focal length? It’s the distance from the lens to the focused point.


There are two basic things which affect the efficiency of laser cutting:


  1. Focused point diameter(d)
  2. Depth of focus (L) - Focal Length


The effective distance which gives you satisfactory cuts is known as the depth of the focus. You can also define it as the distance at which the area of the spot doesn’t increase beyond 50%.


These two things, depth of focus and focal spot diameter, depend on the raw laser beam diameter on the lens and the focal length of the lens. And on the spare parts you use. For best results, use Trumpf spare parts and Fanuc spare parts.


Understand, constant raw laser beam diameter decreases the focal length of the focusing lens which results in smaller focal spot diameter and focus depth.


If there is a constant focus length lens then it increases raw beam diameter which reduces the spot diameter and depth of focus.


To compare lasers with different beam diameters we use focus f-number, which is focal length, F, and then divide it by incoming raw beam diameter, D.


There are two major requirements you need to consider for laser cutting:


  1. High power density which focuses on small spot size.
  2. Long depth of focus to process thick materials providing a reasonable amount of tolerance to focus on position variation.


But, the problem occurs when we realize that these two requirements are in conflict and you need to make some or the other compromises.


Hence, you need to consider the fact if the focal length is short, then the lens would be closer to the workpiece which can cause damages to the lens during the cutting process.


Wrapping it up:


It is necessary to understand the basics of any machinery part before you buy it. Because as an owner of that product you need to understand why you are investing in that thing and how even a small machinery part can impact highly on your business. Also, make sure to replace any worn out parts with only high-quality parts like Trumpf spare parts and Fanuc spare parts.

Eight Unique Laser Engraving Gift Ideas For New Year

It's our favorite season of the year. Snowfall, the smell of baked cookies, and smiles everywhere. Everyone is in their blankets, sipping on hot coffee and spending some quality time with their families.


On top of that, everyone is discussing the presents they bought and are excited to exchange them.



There are chances that maybe you forgot to purchase gifts, have not yet decided what to gift. Or maybe you just wish to give something unique and personalized; not the mass-produced market gifts.


Due to the holiday season, the stores might have run out of quality gifts too because of which now you are facing difficulty in searching for a perfect holiday gift for your family members.


Don’t worry. You can also go for an innovative solution like gifting laser-engraved products.


Laser engraving is a booming industry and laser-engraved products provide that personalized touch to gifts.


And with the improved precision in laser-engraving machines having the right Amada spare parts, you can get as creative as you wish to be. So, if you are thinking of gifting a personalized laser-engraved gift to your loved ones, then here are some ideas for you.


1. Cutting Boards


You can pick the cutting board of your choice and engrave it with some design patterns or name of the person you want to gift. You can choose the cutting board of any size or shape, you can easily engrave them according to your choice.


2. Leather Dog Collar


Do you have someone in the family who just loves their dog? Then an engraved leather dog collar can be a special gift for them. You might be aware that for pet lovers their pet holds a special place in their life. Hence, this can be a gift for any of your cousins or aunt who is a pet lover.


Now, leather is not an easy material to engrave on, so make sure you are hiring a laser engraver with at least 2-3 years of experience and has a machine equipped with Amada spare parts.


3. Tea Coasters


If nothing, then the engraved tea coasters will definitely come to your rescue. You can gift some beautifully engraved tea coasters to your aunts. You can engrave words like “Merry Christmas”, “Happy New Year”, etc. on the coaster to add some festive feeling.


4. Phone Cases


A phone is something people always carry with them. You can gift a phone case to anyone in the family. Be it your siblings, cousins, or any of your distant relatives. These customized gifts will remind them about you every time they look at their phone with the phone cover you gave them. A memory of yours that they will cherish.


5. Customized Sports Items


We all have one extremely hyped sports enthusiast in our family. Don’t we? So, for that hyped-up family member, you can gift them with engraved sports equipment like an engraved football, volleyball, hockey stick, baseball bat, etc. depending on their favorite sports.


6. Laser Cut Earrings


If you have to pick a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, or even your grandmother, then a unique handmade laser-engraved earring is what you want. You can get them in any material you want; wood, oxidized metal, platinum, and such.


7. Music Instruments


Giving an engraved musical instrument to the music lover in your family can be the perfect gift. If they play an instrument, then your gift will be a special memory for them which they will cherish forever. We all know how musicians have a special bonding with their instruments.


8. Laser Engraved Keychain Holder


The keychain holder is one of the basic things we all use in our day-to-day lives. It is an ideal family gift. You can ask the store owner to engrave the initials of the family or a person you want to gift.


You can also get some other things engraved that they might like or things which remind them of you.


Laser Engraving Machines


It’d be foolish for you to invest in a laser engraving machine just so you could make some personalized laser-engraved gifts for the holiday season. Here, an economical choice would be to reach out to a laser engraver who is experienced in the field. They will get the quality work done at low costs.


Things to take care of before hiring a laser engraver:


  • Make sure they have enough laser engraving machine as you don’t want to give a badly engraved gift to your loved ones.
  • The laser engraver is using quality parts and spare parts like Amada press brake and Amada spare parts. If you have a friend who does the laser engraving, then you can suggest them to look for Amada press brake for sale online for great deals on quality parts.


Final words:


There’s still time left to get the best gift for your loved ones. It only requires you to get a little creative, find the right engraver, and that’s it! You’ll have the perfect gift in no time and will be everyone’s favorite gifter.

An Insight into Laser Engraving Bricks

Bricks are probably the oldest building blocks humans invented. The first bricks date back to 800 BC when Palestinians would dry clay mud in the sun to make simple bricks. Since then, bricks have been an important part of the construction industry.


Brick marking methods have been in use for years. What makes bricks a popular choice for fundraising or donor campaigns is their durability. Though traditional methods like sandblasting and pantographing are still in use, laser engraving is the latest and most promising.




How to Start with Laser Engraving Bricks


The very first requirement for laser engraving bricks is a brick engraving machine. The brick engraving machine you choose should be reliable.


A good engraving machine will help you save time, eliminate additional costs and make long-lasting fundraising bricks.


When you buy a brick engraving machine, you must consider these points in mind.


1. Power Before choosing a brick engraving laser machine, make sure that it is a CO2 laser. Also, ensure that it is of at least 80-watt power. Though you can engrave bricks with a lower power laser machine, it will take more attempts to get the look you desire.


2. Size You should choose a bigger size engraving machine with a large bed. This will facilitate the engraving of multiple bricks in one go. And it will escalate productivity.


3. Experience Ensure that the company you have chosen to buy the laser machine has experience with brick engraving.


4. No Additional Costs Make sure that your laser machine comes with all the accessories and software you need to start brick-engraving. Minimizing additional costs is what you should focus on.


5. Warranty and Support Ask everything about the warranty period, support and other facilities you’ll get post the purchase. It is better to know everything beforehand rather than facing issues later.


6. Proper Maintenance Once you buy a laser machine, it is important to maintain it properly. Take care of accessories that wear out. And replace them to reduce losses. Even after the warranty period gets over, never compromise with the quality of spare parts. Always use good quality spare parts FANUC parts, Mazak spare parts, or any other good company’s spare parts.


How Can You Earn Huge Profits with Laser Engraved Bricks?


Earning huge profits by laser engraving bricks is simple. Many different places like hospitals, memorials, zoos, universities, etc. need brick engraving for various purposes. For instance, schools sometimes may require laser engraving for alumni recognition, displaying school pride through engraving a mascot or other custom artwork. Also, schools can make pathways, patios, and gardens, etc. with laser engraved bricks.


Even one or two orders for a walkway or garden can bring in great income in a shorter span. This way, you are sure to earn huge profits with brick engraving technology.


Advantages of Brick Engraving


1.  A Simpler and Faster Process Brick Engraving with laser is much simpler than traditional brick marking methods of pantographing and sandblasting. All you need to do is create a design of your choice and push start after sending it to the laser. Further, it is possible to engrave multiple bricks simultaneously, thus making it a faster process.


2. Eco-Friendly and More Stable Unlike sandblasting and pantographing, laser engraving doesn’t require epoxies, chemicals or fillers. Hence, it is eco-friendlier. Further, sandblasting uses fillers to fill the areas that get chipped away during the process. However, these areas under constant sunlight, harsh weather conditions, or acid rain cause bricks to deteriorate. And even if you avoid fillers in sandblasting, moisture will go down deep into the bricks and break them down.


3. Integrity Remains Intact While some brick areas get chipped away during sandblasting and pantographing, it doesn’t happen during laser engraving. Their structural integrity remains intact. And they are stronger and durable throughout.


4. Low Maintenance Once set up, laser engraving machines require low maintenance. And good quality spare and replacement parts like Mazak spare parts, Fanuc parts, or spare parts from any other good company are easily available.


Summing Up Thus, you see that brick engraving is an easy source of huge income and profits. All you need is to select a suitable brick engraving laser machine for your job. And maintain it with proper measures and good quality spare parts like FANUC parts and Mazak spare parts, etc.

Laser Machine: Icing on the Cake in Gift Industry


The holiday season is around the corner and people are enthusiastically going around the city to purchase things for their family members and loved ones. It is very obvious for them to come to a gift shop and look for things that their family members might love.


The challenge for you, as a gift shop owner, increases during this time of the year because you have to continuously find ways to add more creativity to your shop. Additionally, you also need to check that the products you have should grab your customers’ attention.


Hence, in this article, we’ve added something which will help you to add creativity and uniqueness to your gift shop.




Firstly, you might have come across a variety of personalization and never-ending requests from your customers. As an owner, it might be extremely difficult to cope with their ever-increasing demands for unique products.


To cater to these unique demands and requirements your one-stop solution is laser engraving. Yes, you heard it right! Just imagine the impossible things you can create with a laser engraving machine. It’s the perfect opportunity to specialize and create unique products and make a name for yourself in the industry.


With the right laser engraving machine equipped with Amada laser parts or Trumpf laser parts, there are no limits to your target audience and market. People with culinary interests, or customer base that loves handcrafted things? You can specialize in creating may be butcher blocks or cheese boards? Or creating unique things with leather or paper is your skill? There is always a place for creativity in the laser engraving industry. Using a laser engraving machine, you can make your shop the perfect place for personalized gifts.


Now let’s talk about the benefits and uniqueness it provides to your customers and business:


1. Widespread Benefits:


Laser engraving and cutting are growing for many years in the gift industry because of its infinite number of applications. Especially the laser machine with Amada laser parts and Trumpf laser parts. You can engrave or cut a variety of materials and things like leather, fabrics, wood, keychains, food, etc. using an engraving machine. There have been many advancements in laser engraving which have helped businesses flourish.


2. Return on Investment:


Of course, investing in laser machines is a big thing. But businesses receive a high return on investment through the unique customized items they provide. Using the laser engraving machines, you can create customized products like engraved tumblers, tin cans, a popular engraved Christmas cookie box, etc. Anything your customers can imagine.


3. Broaden possibilities of personalization:


According to a survey done, customers are ready to pay extra for personalized products. And we as human beings are very likely to attach with personalized products. Isn’t it obvious that even today we are all thrilled when we see keychains with our names engraved on them? Why? because that is something personal to us and carries a special value in our life.


Usage of laser machines with Trumpf laser parts for your business can draw people’s attention by using personalization as a key point for selling. Imagine jewelers offering custom engraved jewelry. Customers embrace the idea of customizing things with special quotes, important dates, custom necklaces, watches, etc. You might be thinking that isn’t it common for other business owners to follow the same personalized engraving products and sell them. Yes, it is but it all depends on your marketing skills and the uniqueness of your product.


4. Uniqueness:


Is your business already ahead in the gift industry? If so, why not take advantage of laser engraving and cutting machine. As we discussed above, this will help you to boost your sales. Personalized, creative and unique ideas are always in fashion. Customers want things that help them create memories. Just put yourself in the shoes of your customer and imagine the things that will make them go ah! That’s all you need to know. These things make it easy for you to decide the type of designs you should bring on a table which reflects the uniqueness and creativity of your work.


Final Word:


Personalized gifts are always in demand and will always be. Everyone likes them as they wish to stand out of the crowd. The receiver feels special upon receiving such gifts. We strongly recommend you to use the laser engraving machine if you are a gift shop owner or even thinking of starting one. Most of the gift owners might underestimate the power of laser engraving and that’s where you can take advantage of it.

So, ready to add this magic to your business?

6 Laser Engraving Projects to Get a Business Started

The holiday season is almost around the corner and if you have just started your brand-new business of laser engraving or cutting then this article is just for you. 

You might be confused about where to start and what to customize? 

Don’t worry, we are here to your rescue.


But before diving deep into how to start and what to customize allow me to tell you that starting a laser engraving or cutting is the best decision you ever made. Laser cutting or engraving business is always growing and be in fashion. You are starting a business and hence you would definitely be knowing the power of customized and personalized gifts. 

Personalized gifts always make one feel special. People prefer to gift their loved ones something that makes them feel special. No matter during normal days or magical holiday season.


Rest assured, here in this article I have covered all the necessary things you must do as a beginner to grow this business during the holiday season. 


  • What materials will you use?
  • What will you make with a laser cutting machine?
  • Which laser parts to use? Should you go for Amada parts or Mitsubishi replacement parts?
  • Am I ready to start a business or not?


These are the obvious questions anyone will ask while starting a laser cutting or engraving machine.


Well, now is the time to stop thinking about all these things and unleash the creativity and imagination of yours. Starting is always tough. But that’s ok as one needs to start somewhere. Everyone is a beginner before they start.


So, let’s start and look at the six amazing and easy designs you can create and start with your laser cutting business.


  • State Cut Out Model:


People love to show their love for their hometown. Be it engraving the map of their hometown, city or state. As a beginner, it is perfect for you to cut the wooden pieces in different states of your country. They are very easy to sell and customers would love to buy them


  • Customized Bookmark:


For any bookworm, a bookmark is their treasure. It is very easy to create bookmarks using different materials and engrave them with customized quotes, names or artwork. It is very easy to create customized bookmarks for all bookworms. They are very easy to sell and are perfect for you as a beginner.


  • Insulated Tumblers: 


Stainless steel tumblers are in fashion. They are very easy to sell. And adding customized engraving on them is like a cherry on the cake. It is very easy to design them. This is the perfect project for you as a beginner as it also teaches you to work with the rotary device.


  • Home Board:


Engraving or Cutting on the slate is quite effortless as it’s one of the easiest materials to engrave. Personalizing home boards makes it extremely special for your customers. They are easy to create and you can also add your customer’s requirements. They are perfect housewarming gifts, home decor or pet memorials.


Oh yes! You heard it right.


You can create pet memorials and try to pitch it to pet lovers. When it comes to engraving on slate boards there are a lot of things you can create. Also, make sure you are using quality replacement parts like Mitsubishi replacement parts in case there’s any wear and tear in your laser machine. Try to brainstorm and curate your designs.


  • Granite Engraving:


Granite is an easy material to engrave on. It is known for its polished surface and endurance and is also useful in many different industries. Granites are the first choice when it comes to creating memorials. Using the laser machines, you can engrave the granite with proper depth and clarity creating high-quality designs. You can customize granite with names, quotes, wishes, etc. and offer it to your customers. 


  • Glasses:


Lastly, glasses! Using customized glasses or mugs always stays in fashion. It’s quite effortless to sell these custom glasses as who won’t like to have their morning coffee in a customized mug to their taste? Or imagine your customer gifting these customized glasses to their loved ones or it can also help to boost your brand-new business. 


Final word:


Starting a new laser engraving or cutting business is not too difficult when you have a guide on how to start and which projects to work on. You can easily customize different materials by using laser engraving and cutting machines with the right parts like Amada parts. Or in case you look for replacement parts, go for Mitsubishi replacement parts. Your creativity will become your USP in this business. There is no limit when it comes to creativity. Hence, use it to the fullest and it will help you expand your business with a growing customer base.

7 Useful Designs For Laser Engraving In Bamboo Products

Having a laser engraving business is just so perfect in today’s world. There are hardly any disadvantages we can think about in the engraving business. The basic requirement of any laser engraving business owner is to find the perfect material for their business which also provides the best possible profit as well.


Well, the answer to their requirements is easy.




Yes, you heard it right.


Bamboo is one of the most multipurpose materials that has been useful throughout the history of mankind. Be its uses in building roads, houses, bedsheets, accessories, etc.

You’ll find them in every industry.


So, if you are thinking about how to go about laser engraving work in bamboo, then we have just the right article for you.


In this article, I have covered seven amazing things you can create with bamboo using a laser engraving machine equipped with Mazak parts and Bystronic parts.


People use bamboo because of its strength and renewability. But there are many other reasons why people choose this amazing material for their laser engraving projects. Bamboo is light and soft in nature which helps in beautifully engraving it.


Now, let's look at the creative and profitable products you can create with bamboo engraving.


  • Engraved Bamboo Cutting Boards:


Engraved bamboo cutting boards are the perfect wedding gift. They provide a personalized touch to the gifts which can add long-lasting memories to your loved one’s special days. The wedding industry is big, growing, and full of opportunities. Hence, it will be a smart move to open up on this side of the laser engraving industry. Also, make sure to choose the right laser engraving machine with the right parts like Mazak parts and Bystronic parts.


  • Bamboo Engraved Tumblers:


Tumblers are always in fashion. They make for excellent insulators and are extremely useful to carry your liquids on the go. But when you want to gift someone tumblers you avoid it because of its simple design. But they can be one of the best gifts if you add a little bit of personalization. Yes, you got it. You can engrave these tumblers and turn them into personalized proper gift material. They are perfect wedding gifts, fundraising return gifts, and even corporate gifts.


  • Customize Price Tags:


If you are a retail store owner and looking to provide a unique experience in your store, then having customized price tags can be your secret weapon. They are a perfect example of classic luxury touch and can reflect what your store could provide. Having these custom-made price tags might seem like it requires a lot of time but in reality, it’s not so. With a perfect laser machine and Bystronic parts, you can make them in a short time and it also helps your store to stand out of the crowd.


  • Retail Display:


Thinking of entering the retail market? Then it’s just perfect for you to enter with the unique display settings. With the help of bamboo, you can cut and engrave them just perfectly. You can make displays in unique structures like honeycomb or a zigzag stand to display various products. It is very obvious that’ll grab your customers’ attention.


  • Laser Cut Bamboo Rulers:


Thinking to gift something unique to your teachers? Be it the teacher’s day or their birthday, customized rulers are just the perfect gift for any teacher. Engraving their names or anything related to them on these rulers makes it more personalized and can help you connect with your mentors better. Such personalized gifts make sure that your professor remembers you forever.


  • Engraved Birth Announcements:


Child of birth is as big and important as a wedding. These custom-made birth announcements will always be special for any parents. Because we know how special children are to their parents. So, if you are looking to open yourself to the array of new opportunities then this could be just right for you. Once you enter this market it is for sure you are going to get the orders around the year. Make sure you let parents decide the design and all the minute details as this could be an extremely special moment for them.


  • Bamboo Engraved Home Decor:


Untapping the power of the home decor is just a perfect decision as a business owner. It is a huge market and includes lots of opportunities for your business to grow. You can make many things for home decor like a customized opener, basic things for keeping in showpiece and what not.


Final Words:


Well, bamboo is useful for many things and many of its unique characteristics and offers high value for which your consumers will ready to pay. Additionally, these bamboo material is very easy to customize and provides proper finishing and perfect designs.

Laser Engraving: The Innovation Your Woodwork Business Needs

Woodwork business has been in existence since time immemorial. And as long as there are forests on this planet, it’s here to stay. Be it furniture, construction materials, picture frames, cabinets, tools, or flooring, woodworks are everywhere. Hence, it is one of the core industries in today’s world.


However, of late, modernization has hit the woodwork business hard. Other materials like plastic, etc. are taking place of wooden items. The reason behind it is that this industry has failed to innovate.


Though great efforts and craftsmanship go into this industry, profit margins remain too low. And creating, designing and selling wooden items don’t come with big rewards.


Tough work but minimal profits! Sounds depressing, right?


So, how can woodworkers give a new direction to their ancestral occupation? Is it possible for woodworkers to turn over a new leaf and start making bigger profits?

Well, it is - with laser engraving. 


So, let’s see how the woodwork industry can strike gold by introducing laser engraving. 


Reasons Why Laser Engraving Is Profitable for Woodwork Industry


Low Operating Cost 


A laser machine has a low operating cost. So, you can get more profit with less investment. And you get a high return on investment with laser engraving.  


Custom Woodwork


If your customers want you to engrave something on a wood item, you can do that easily with wood engraving. This way, you can create custom wooden products for your customers. This helps you impress your customers more by giving them what they want. 


Easy Promotion through Your Brand Logo


When customers notice your beautifully engraved logo on your wooden products, it might impress them. And it helps them in remembering the name of your company easily. So, laser engraving serves two purposes - good sales and brand promotion. 


Ways to Increase Profit Margins with Laser Engraving


  • Choose the Right Laser Machine


Well begun is half done. This is a universal saying and thus applies here too. Selection of a suitable laser machine is a must prior to introducing laser engraving in your woodwork business.


The laser machine you choose depends on the type of wood you need to engrave on. But not all types of wood are suitable for laser engraving. While softwoods like balsa and poplar need a low power laser for engraving, hardwoods like oak and cherry need high power laser.


It is also important to choose a good quality nozzle like an Amada laser nozzle for your work. One more good option for nozzles is TRUMPF nozzles as these are available in different apertures and you can put them to use for various purposes. A good quality nozzle helps you achieve accuracy in your laser engraving work. 


  • Personalize your Wooden Products


Personalization sells a lot today. It adds value and sentiment to wooden products. Customers love it when they get to see their names and personal images on such products. Moreover, you can promote your brand by engraving your logo beautifully on the products you sell. 


You can engrave almost anything from wood plaques, cabinets, doors and panels to auto parts, granite and even iPhone cases. And this personalization elicits great emotional responses from customers. And the value of your products doubles or even triples with them willing to pay a higher price.  


  • Diversify your Woodwork Business


Personalizing wood products using a good quality laser machine with an Amada laser nozzle or any other good quality nozzle isn’t enough. Along with that, it is a must for you to understand the importance of diversification. With the power of laser engraving right in your hands, you can grow your business horizontally. And literally serve any industry that requires engraving, be it signage, pet products, wood trophies, inlays, prototypes, photo frames and even more. And you can do that with minimal overhead costs. 


In a Nutshell


So, it is evident that the woodwork industry can go a long way towards maximizing their profit margins. All it needs is the magic wand of innovation in the form of ‘laser engraving’. Along with personalization, diversification, and the right choice of a laser machine and good quality nozzles like an Amada laser nozzle or TRUMPF nozzles and other spare parts.